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November 13, 2014 10:40 AM

Government computers allegedly used for: porn, shopping, dating, and social media websites; bid rigging, campaigning, political fundraising; searches for grossly inappropriate/ explicit terms; and much, much more...

forensic audit report | Garrett Discovery Inc Ford- Iroquois County Health Dept., November 12, 2014 Illinois is rotting at the foundation. We must start to "fix our broken windows."


In God We Trust, 

Illinois Politicians We Must Audit

By Adam Andrzejewski | November 12, 2014

Read Forbes Editorial here 

The decline toward lawlessness begins when a community tolerates minor violations of public order - vandalism of abandoned structures, turnstyle jumpers and the like - and pretty soon the small offenses turn into more serious crimes. 

But, thanks to the courageous leadership of a county chairman, Rod Copas, "small crimes" at the local level are being stopped.

A deep, evidentiary analysis of four executive computers in the health department allegedly turned up: 

  1. hundreds of downloaded porn images 3,000 hits on shopping websites; 1,400 hits on dating websites; 7,600 social media- Facebook posts/comments public credit card used for personal purchases
  2. evidence of bid rigging; running personal businesses
  3. campaigning and political fundraising
  4. searches for grossly inappropriate and explicit terms
  5. 10,000 online searches for key words such as cars, makeup, apartments, sports, Disney and clothes.
All this was discovered after Copas led the charge to disband the department for the allegedly larger crimes.

Here's why the "small crimes" must be prosecuted and a sense of order restored within government. It starts at the local level...

Read the Forbes Editorial by Adam Andrzejewski, founder of here.

Together, let's hold the political class across the country accountable for tax and spend decisions.


Matthew Tyrmand

Deputy Director, American Transparency

Adam Andrzejewski

Founder, Open The Books

Chairman, American Transparency

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