Fox 45: Baltimore Plans to Spend $4.4B on Various Projects in the Next Year 3_Fox45_$4b_budget

June 23, 2023 09:22 AM


The city has a budget and will spend $4.4 billion in the next year and top city leaders seem happy with the deal they negotiated. 

Joining us this morning to discuss the levels of tax and spend is Adam Andrzejewski CEO of

1. First of all, it's $4.4 billion how much more is this versus last year and what are the priorities?

​The tug of war over Baltimore city's $4.4 billion budget
The Baltimore City Council has put its stamp on the fiscal city budget, canceling some items proposed by Mayor Brandon Scott in order to fund projects of their own.

2. In the past year, trash pickup moved to once every two weeks instead of weekly and the headcounts of police officers were down 500 versus a decade ago. Did this budget cure those two problems?

3. What about school funding? 
4. Does this budget continue to grow government? Did it establish new programs?
5. What are the critics saying about this budget? 


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