FOX17: Breaking Down Metro Nashville's $3.4B in Vendor Payments, Plus at least $500M for Insurance 38_Fox17_Vendor_spending

February 23, 2024 06:05 PM


1. Which Metro departments spent the most money?


This is spending that Metro does outside of paying its employees to run the city, it’s to third-party, outside vendors.


This total was the same as the year before and we see similar spending patterns as previous years. For instance the Finance Dept, which pays about one-third of Metro’s bills directly, spent the most — $1 billion — while Metro Nashville Public Schools spent the second largest amount, $837 million.


The water and sewer department was the third most expensive department, spending $459 million, while Human Resources spent $317 million including for employee insurance and other benefits.


The mayor’s office and Metro Council only spent a collective $3.5 million




2. What were some big projects that Metro spent money on?


It makes sense for the Finance Dept and the school system to be the biggest spenders but it was interesting to see $459 million spent on water and sewer projects.


Construction firm Brasfield & Gorrie was paid $106 million — the company is heading up Nashville’s Central Wastewater Treatment Plant improvement project to increase peak treatment capacity by 100 million gallons per day.


$19 million was paid to Walker Building Group LLC for water main and sewer infrastructure rehabilitation


$12 million to Blakley Construction Services


$9 million to Cumberland Valley Constructors, Inc.


$10 million each to Bowen Engineering Corp. and Gresham Smith.


Piping company Insituform Technologies was paid $18 million for “sewer system rehabilitation.”


Metro Nashville spent $500,000 on Amazon across many departments, and $222,000 at Kroger stores, most of which was for the schools.



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