Fox45: Baltimore Refuses to Produce a 2022 City Checkbook 38_Fox45_opening_2022_books

June 2, 2023 09:52 AM


Summary: City Comptroller Bill Henry ran on a transparency promise. However, on his watch, in real time, the city of Baltimore has moved backwards and refuses to produce a 2022 city checkbook — with vendor names!

Using the latest available data, OpenTheBooks, gave oversight to the 2021 city checkbook and tracked the top nonprofits receiving city funding. 


  1. Who are the top nonprofits funded by the city and how much did the city fund in total?
  2. $72 million in grant making is a lot of money. Put that into perspective... for example, how much does it cost annually to pick up 52 weeks of trash?
  3. What surprised you about the city's grant making?
  4. When is the last time you received the city checkbook from Baltimore?


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