Fox 32 Chicago: Suburban School Superintendent put on Leave Following Fox 32 Investigation 90_superintendent

October 10, 2018 05:01 AM
By: Dane Placko
In a story we brought you first in a FOX 32 special report, the superintendent of Calumet City schools is making more than $400k a year.
But now his super-sized salary may end up landing him in super-sized trouble.
Dr. Troy Paraday was in no mood to talk to us at the Calumet City School District 155 board meeting and now we may know why. With a salary and benefits totaling $408-thousand-dollars a year, Paraday is the highest paid superintendent in the state. And when he retires on October 31st, we discovered he's set to collect a check for more than $762-thousand-dollars as he cashes in more than 500 days of unused vacation and sick time accumulated over 14 years as superintendent.
Parents were stunned when we asked the board about it.
But after we asked those questions, the district's attorney apparently began looking at Paraday's payroll records, and found some serious problems.
According to a report filed on Tuesday with Calumet City police, the board's attorney and assistant superintendent found "suspicious activity" involving Paraday's payroll records. "The false altering of taking days off and then changing them to show they were actual work days is under investigation."
The report says after FOX 32 began asking questions: "...all emails and folders were deleted from the computer."
Under Paraday's contract, the more paid time off he reported not using, the bigger the payout he'd receive when he retires.
In a statement, a lawyer for the district says while they wouldn't comment on any investigation: "The Superintendent is on paid leave and...the Board of Education plans to... approve an acting administrator at tomorrow's meeting."
An attorney for Paraday told FOX 32: "He denies it. We'll participate in any investigation."
It's not the first time Paraday has run into legal trouble. In 2008, Paraday was charged with aggravated DUI in Will County but managed to hang onto his job as superintendent.
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