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August 15, 2016 06:00 AM
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If you’re concerned about the back support on your desk chair, you might want to put in an application to work at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A recent report from Open the Books, an organization working toward transparency in American government, has found that the EPA has spent $92.4 million on office furniture in the past decade.

Ok, so the EPA needed some new office furnishings. That seems pretty reasonable, until you look at what type of furniture the EPA has been indulging in.

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The agency spent $48.4 million on Herman Miller furniture alone. If you’re unfamiliar with the furniture market, that’s about as high-end as you can get. To put it in perspective, one Herman Miller chair cost $4,047. Granted, it was nice chair—it could swivel and tilt and had adjustable arms—but mine can do that too. Someone must have given a really good sales pitch.

Perhaps the only furniture brand more expensive than Herman Miller is Knoll. The EPA just couldn’t resist, shelling out $5 million on Knoll designer furniture.

And we can’t forget the pencil holder. While the average pencil holder costs $10-20, the EPA was persuaded to $813 on theirs. I just hope it looks better than the half-forgotten one that’s gathering dust in the supply room of our office.

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Pete Sepp, president of the National Taxpayer’s Union commented:



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It’s a sobering point. The EPA has been putting its expenses—pencil holders and all—on our tab. And while the bill pales in comparison to other government expenses, this type of waste adds up, contributing to our looming national debt burden—one that is going to land on our backs someday as we figure out a way to pay it off.

This isn’t the only time the EPA has been called out for corruption, and it certainly isn’t the only time the government has wasted money.

It’s adding up, and it’s impacting us directly.



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