Good Day Maine: Portland's $5 Million in City Credit Card Spending 52_FOX23_Portland,_Maine_CC_spending

June 13, 2023 12:09 PM


Our OpenTheBooks auditors found the city spent $5 million on credit cards, electronic purchasing last year.  

Joining us this morning to discuss some of the details is Adam Andrzejewski CEO of 


1. The largest purchase on city credit cards was for hotel rooms. Just how much was spent by what agencies and which hotel received the most city business?

Full explanation of the "emergency shelter" situation. Comments by the city spokesperson.

Also noted: two nights by the City Clerk Administration at Chatham Bars Inn in MA. And $2,400 spent on hotels by the city manager at the Henley Park Hotel in Washington DC.

2. It's interesting the city spent 10s of thousands of dollars on airfare. How much did the city spend on airfare and what was the purpose of the travel?

$22,000 of which $4,000 spent through the city manager's office.

3. OpenTheBooks auditors found the city spent $300,000 with Amazon last year. What's the matter with this? 

Nearly 2,600 purchases. Lack of transparency. "Bookstores" "Retail" 
No other description of the transaction. 

4. What other spending was interesting? 

$50,000 on credit cards spent at local sporting goods stores. Per the spokesperson: The city DOES own a golf course. Breakdown the expenses per agency. 


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