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October 24, 2014 10:40 AM

Recent newspaper headlines point to a perfect storm of entitlement, incompetence, and corruption in government.


 Adam Andrzejewski | 

"Citizen Engagement Must Reign In the Waste" - Adam Andrzejewski, the founder of, tackled "The Overlords" last night in a Stossel special. 

Here are some of the examples cited on Stossel's show:

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is spending $9 million to renovate his office.  But, for two years his administration has ducked our request to "open the books" on state pensions.

•$65 million has been wasted "building" the Eisenhower Memorial in DC.  After 15 years, construction plans aren't even approved. A forensic audit should "claw back" the taxpayer abuse.

Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman- she didn't lose her job, but her $9,345 bonus was rescinded by VA Sec. Eric Shinseki calling it "administrative error."

$5 million in VA performance bonuses went to the executives in Washington DC from 2011-2013 including the Office of Secretary, General Counsel, Inspector General and the Veterans Appeals Board.

•At the local level, College of DuPage (COD), a two year community college in Glen Ellyn, IL, has a comp package for President Robert Breuder of nearly $500,000 per year. Using bond proceeds, COD recently built a wine cellar, upscale French restaurant and hotel.

Retired Illinois educators are returned their entire "cost basis" (their personal pension investment) within the first 20 months of departure and six figure salaries increased by 25% last year.

Last night, the Stossel Special, The Overlords- featured founder Adam Andrzejewski in a five minute segment. Click here to watch.

Last year, the Stossel Special, Innovation Nation- showcased our award winning Open The Books mobile application in a five minute segment. Click here to watch.

Recently at, we've uploaded 400 million lines of fresh government spending data.  What government waste can you find?  Download our Open The Books mobile app free for Apple and Droid or visit our website at

Together, let's hold the political class across the country accountable for tax and spend decisions.


Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director, American Transparency
Adam Andrzejewski
Founder, Open The Books
Chairman, American Transparency 
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