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KTRH News Radio: Data: Govt Buying Body Armor for EPA, FDA

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Data: Govt Buying Body Armor for EPA, FDA

Posted Tuesday, January 12th 2016 @ 4am  by iHeartMedia's Nik Rajkovic
While the debate continues over the militarization of local police, federal data shows our government spent hundreds of millions on equipment for its own employees.
A surplus of that spending went to the FBI, CIA, DEA and other national security agencies.  However, the government also is scooping up body armor and other items for some of its less danger-prone employees.
"The Small Business Administration got ballistic vests, the EPA spent $200,000 on body armor and the Food and Drug Administration spent $300,000," says Adam Andrzejewski, of
"While veterans were dying, while the books were being cooked, while big bonuses were being paid, while wait lists were off the chart, $2 million was being spent by the VA on riot helmets, defender shields, body armor and a lot more," he says.
No surprise a Gallup poll found half of all Americans think the feds are threat to their liberty.
"People see the increased power of the federal government," says Andrzejewski.  "Then you look under the hood and kick the tires on different expenditures, we found $400 million spent on body armor with about 20 percent of that spent by agencies you would not think would buy that equipment.."
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