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January 2, 2015 04:40 AM
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ruce Rauner’s triumph as the new Republican governor of Obama’s home state was the icing on the GOP’s national victory cake on Election Night. The cherry atop that frosting would be for Rauner to appoint open-government advocate Adam Andrzejewski as Illinois comptroller.
Rauner’s unusual and invaluable opportunity springs from tragedy.
Former comptroller Judy Baar Topinka died December 10, soon after suffering a stroke. She was 70. The veteran Republican officeholder’s unexpected departure allows Rauner to name someone to fill the four-year term to which Topinka, ironically, won reelection on November 4.
Adam Andrzejewski is the right man for this job. The 45-year-old resides in Hinsdale, a Chicago suburb, with his wife of 14 years and their three daughters. From 1997 to 2007, Adam and his younger brother, Abe, managed American Marketing and Publishing, the country’s largest producer of hometown telephone books. As the company reached 165 employees, 240 communities served, and $20 million in sales, Adam sold his shares, pocketed his winnings, and pivoted to public service.
Adam ran a conservative campaign for governor in 2010 and secured the endorsement of none other than Lech Walesa. The Cold War hero and post–Iron Curtain president of Poland flew to Chicago to campaign for Adam. The Nobel laureate declared: "I see the same qualities in Adam Andrzejewski as I saw in my friend Ronald Reagan." Alas, the liberal local media largely overlooked these accolades, despite their newsworthy source. Adam ultimately lost the GOP primary.

Adam Andrzejewski receives the endorsement of Solidarity founder, Lech Walesa.

Adam Andrzejewski receives the endorsement of Solidarity founder, Lech Walesa.
Undeterred, Adam used his own money to launch a non-profit called "For the Good of Illinois" and another, Open the Books. OTB has lived by its slogan: "Every dime, online, in real time."

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