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October 25, 2016 03:33 PM
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Forbes Magazine calls out Brad Avakian abuses

by In the news Tuesday, October 25. 2016
by NW Spotlight
Oregon and its arrogant one-party rule by Democrats has once again drawn negative national attention.
This latest national attention is on Oregon’s Labor Commissioner, Brad Avakian, who is now running for Oregon Secretary of State.
Yesterday, Forbes Magazine wrote about Avakian – "a powerful state commissioner" – who "acts as if rules are only for other people."
The Forbes article reveals "Public records show that Avakian has a ‘compliance for thee, but not for me’ attitude. Avakian enjoys cracking down on the private sector but is flagrantly mixing public and campaign funds and functions as he tries to move-up to Secretary of State in this election cycle."
The Forbes article then goes on to describe in detail how Avakian and his BOLI cronies evade transparency and public records requests, and how they mix campaign and state funds and functions.


Original Article Here
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