Sinclair Broadcast Group: Concerns Over Iran-Sympathetic Groups Linked to George Soros & Biden Admin. Officials 70_Sinclair_-_Iran

December 11, 2023 12:06 PM


By Kayla Gaskins | Published at The National Desk

The extent of political influence money can buy in Washington is coming under question again.

This time critics are zeroing in on billionaire activist George Soros and his large donations to groups facing accusations of sympathy towards Iran. Some of those groups are linked with former high-ranking officials in the Biden Administration. 

Robert Malley, who served as President Biden’s former U.S. special envoy to Iran and Obama’s lead negotiator for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, is currently under investigation by the FBI for mishandling government secrets.

Malley previously led a far-left think tank, the International Crisis Group, that recently fought off allegations of assisting an Iranian plot to influence American policy. The group denies any wrongdoing saying their work has been “starkly misrepresented.”

While critics question the ICG's ties to Iran, their finances are less murky.

Financial records examined by the New York Post show billionaire activist George Soros gave them $46.7 million in donations from his open society foundations since 2016.

Soros also gave money to another think tank called the Quincy Institute. In a 2015 case, U.S. judges ruled that their founder Trita Parsi was reasonably accused of lobbying on behalf of Iran.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is coming under fire for not enforcing oil sanctions, giving Iran access to tens of billions of dollars in revenue, some of which critics argue is likely funneled to sponsor terrorism.

“The Biden Administration’s soft-on-Iran policy has led to a bull market for the mullahs in Iran. Cash reserves in Iran are up 60% under the Biden Administration,” explained Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & founder of OpenTheBooks.

The House Oversight Committee is conducting its investigation into Biden’s Iran policies and reportedly plans to subpoena former Iran envoy Robert Malley.


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