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June 12, 2014 11:40 AM


"It's time for criminal prosecutions. Step one: a Forensic Audit. It's deep, evidentiary, follows the money and holds up in court."

Adam Andrzejewski, Open The Books 
Watch segment on TV | June 9, 2014 

"After $103 million in VA payments to a Big Four auditor since 2008, Grant Thornton missed the biggest scandal in VA history."
VA Auditors Coddled Culture of Corruption |

Read our editorial here | June 10, 2014

"This still-developing story of incredibly poor service, mis-allocated public resources and internal cover-ups was fueled
with undeserved, escalating bonuses." 
  House ends VA bonuses, Phoenix VA refuses to disclose data

Quoted in Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ | June 10, 2014 


"...400,000 VA bonuses totally $300 million and many are not deserved-  Claw them back"
Watch 3 minute interview clip | Andrew Wilkow Show    



On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 426-00 to stop all bonuses at the VA.  We applaud this action. At Open The Books, exposing the real numbers on VA salaries and bonuses played a significant part in the national conversation and deserves a reasonable portion of the credit:

  • Over 311,000 people rendered 1 million pageviews in the past two weeks at mostly searching the salaries and bonuses of the Phoenix VA. Hundreds of thousands more searched with Open The Books mobile app, download here.
  • USA Today; FOX News; Investor's Business Daily; Forbes; Arizona Republic; CBS Phoenix AZ; The Rush Limbaugh Show; WABC Radio Los Angeles; The Blaze TV; ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX local TV affiliates of Sinclair Broadcast Group; Washington Examiner;; World News Daily;;;; National Review and others have covered our data and analysis. 
  • Since the scandal broke, news organizations and congresswomen/men have complained to us that the VA will not answer their questions regarding salaries and bonuses.  We were already posting 2.5 million Federal employee salary records online, including the VA.
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Matthew Tyrmand 

Deputy Director,
American Transparency

Adam Andrzejewski
Founder, Open The Books
Chairman, American Transparency 


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