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December 28, 2015 11:57 AM
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Forbes study uses OpenTheBooks data
Does your state have more takers than makers? Check it out.
William Baldwin | Forbes Finance Journalist
Editor of Forbes Magazine (1999-2010)
By William Baldwin | Forbes | December 22, 2015
William Baldwin scored each of the 50 States using his 'FeedMe' ratio: state clients  (number of public pensions, public employees, and welfare recipients)  vs. private sector workers (taxed to pay for it all).
Visit the Interactive Map at Forbes. What's your state's FeedMe score?  (Six states score over 100 – meaning 'takers' exceed 'makers.')
FORBES INTERACTIVE MAP - features the FeedMe Ratio plus a 
'Fast Fact' on state and local spending in each of the 50 States 
from our online database at 
Sources: OpenTheBooks, Forbes
Here are samples of state FeedMe scores and OpenTheBooks facts:
Illinois - score 81.5:  By 2017, at least 10,000 retired educators will be getting $100,000 pensions. 
New York - score 108.3: Ten Port Authority cops got $309,000 or more in pay in 2014. A librarian in Queens got $391,594, and an elevator mechanic supervisor for the city got $346,427. 
California - score 114.3: In Newport Beach, lifeguard compensation ranges up to $211,912. 
Florida - score 69.2: A City of Apopka manager got $510,296 in final year compensation and then started collecting two city pensions. 
A score over 100 means that there are more 'takers' than 'makers.'
Across America, we investigated state and local spending captured within our database at Then, we provided the 'fast fact' for each of the 50 States. 
What did we miss? Search our state-by-state data at, or use our mobile app, Open The Books. It's free in the App Store and Google Play store.
Stay tuned. OpenTheBooks has more cool stuff coming in early 2016!
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