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December 3, 2015 04:33 PM
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On Thanksgiving, there's Always a Reason to be Thankful - 
even if the reason is... that you're not from Illinois.
10 Reasons Illinois Bureaucrats (And Their Friends) 
Are Thankful Today
Forbes | November 25, 2015
I love my home state of Illinois. On my mother's side, we settled the family farm in 1842 and eight generations later, our family still owns that land.
But, it's no secret that the #1 manufactured product in Illinois is corruption. The people of Illinois are good, but it's a free-for-all in the political class. So, for the good of all, we recap some of our outrageous discoveries...
On Thanksgiving Day 2015, here are ten reasons why the IL bureaucrats - and their connected friends in both parties - are loving life.
10.          Highly compensated Drivers Ed teachers - Four instructors clear nearly $900,000 in total compensation at Hinsdale High School District 86 (Hinsdale) 'earning' base salaries up to $165,003, plus rich benefits. State taxpayers guarantee lifetime pensions.
9.            Taxpayer subsidized political bloggers - 70 state agencies paid over $270,000 to a self-described political blogger based in the state capitol (specific recipient was Capitol Fax, corp: Ahead of Our Time Publishing, owner Rich Miller) since 2005. 2015 was the biggest year ever for Capitol Fax with Republican Comptrollers Judy Baar-Topinka and Leslie Munger cutting the checks for $43,000.
8.            The double dippers - Mohsin Dada, a school district treasurer in North Shore School District #112, double dipped the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS) and the Illinois Municipal Retirement System (IMRF) for a combined income of nearly $500,000. Mohsin's TRS pension exceeds $240,000 and his new salary as a school district treasurer under IMRF is $245,880.
Read the rest of our TOP 10 List at Forbes, including: 
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's "pay-to-play"
  • a $5 billion Illinois contracting loophole
  • Attorney General Lisa Madigan's $1 million pay spiking
  • Republican patronage in rock ribbed red DuPage County
  • Junior College Pre$idents 
  • $71 million in school district taxi cab rides
  • Union lobbyists with $1 million pensions after substitute teaching for 1 day, 
  • and much more...
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