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September 26, 2016 10:35 AM
"We acknowledge the poor decision making..."
VA Secretary Robert McDonald to Senate Judiciary 
Chairman Charles Grassley | Letter dated: Sept 1, 2016
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Forbes | September 25, 2016
Over the past two months, we've challenged the VA over their $20 million in high-end art expenditures during a period when 1,000 veterans died without seeing a doctor.  
Just last month, live on the evening news in San Francisco, a VA spokesperson stood in front of the infamous $1.2 million "cubed-rock" sculpture in Palo Alto, CA and argued that this type of artwork "creates a healing environment."
Watch the tape at the 1:50 marker:
VA: 'Art Helps Create A Healing Environment'
Our exposures, resulting media coverage, and rightful public outcry created an easy opportunity for the VA to institute common-sense reforms. 
Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley and Beverly Perlson, founder of the noted veterans support group The Band of Mothers, each wrote letters to VA Secretary Robert McDonald and demanded answers.
So, how did the VA respond? The VA apologized to each of them, but then set new rules for more high-end art purchases!
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