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July 4, 2015 06:30 AM
 "Veterans and observers note some improvement, but say troubled agency (VA) still struggles with corrupt bureaucracy."
Dennis Wagner, reporter | USA Today
April 10, 2015
One Year Later, the VA Scandal continues
New Undercover Footage Shows VA Officials 
Admitting Unaccountability At Every Level  
Project Veritas | July 1, 2015
The VA Scandal One Year Later
our Forbes editorial | May 24, 2015
America is the greatest nation ever conceived in the history of the world because we recognize that we are conceived in liberty with inalienable rights bestowed by our Creator. 
As we celebrate our history of independence, personal liberties, and freedoms, let's never forget our nation's veterans. They fought for us and we need to fight for them.
One year ago, all of us were rightfully appalled by the seediest scandal in the history of the Veterans Administration. The Wall Street Journal reported that 70% of VA medical facilities kept a double set of books. The books were cooked to show no appointment wait times, so millions of dollars of ill-gotten bonuses were paid.
A couple days ago, investigative video journalists at Project Veritas released further documentation that not much has changed at the VA. Our data empirically supported the anecdotal, hidden camera evidence.
A couple weeks ago, I traveled to New York to film the interview with James O'Keefe at Project Veritas. Please take a moment and watch the video.
Here's what our 2014 VA data shows:
  • Bonuses at the most troubled VA facilities ran virtually unabated.
  • Out of 23,000 new employees added to the employment counts during the scandal, fewer than 2,000 were doctors. Less than 1 in 12 new hires were doctors.
  • At the troubled Hines VA in Cook County, IL bonuses leapt to three year highs, but the number of doctors actually decreased.
  • Across the system, the VA cut the number of accountability positions: inspector general, auditors, and quality assurance officers.
  • There are only 23,768 doctors in the system, but over 338,297 total employees. It's still an employment farm, not a medical system.
  • Yet, the VA increased the Public Relations Directors total salaries by $3,000,000. Painters, Interior Decorators, and Gardeners also increased in headcount and salaries.
Despite the public scandal, not much has changed at the VA. Virtually no-one was fired, no claw-back of ill-gotten bonuses, no deep, forensic audits.
America must not violate our sacred bond with our veterans. They fought for us and we must fight for them.
Adam Andrzejewski
Chairman & Executive Director 
Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director
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