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October 17, 2014 10:40 AM

IS A $1 BILLION PAYROLL Enough- to Safe Guard the Health of American Citizens?

"Taxpayers paid out $6 billion in salaries and $25 million in bonuses to an elite corps of health care experts at the Center for Disease Control since 2007."

Adam Andrzejewski

Chairman American Transparency,

October 16, 2014

Golden Hammer Award- Centers For Disease Control 

By the staff of The Washington Times |Read story here

By Kelly Riddle | October 17, 2014

Can the elite group of doctors and health care professionals at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention safeguard the health of the nation?

It's an open question and the results so far do not inspire confidence...

But, payroll resources are certainly not a problem. Since 2007, data at, shows over $6 billion in total salaries and $25 million in "performance bonuses" flowed to the approximately 10,000 CDC employees.  Total CDC payroll costs increased by 38% since 2007 and even during the federal wage freeze $12 million in bonuses flowed.

Review our CDC Cash Compensation Report by City 2007-2013 click here

Amongst the findings:

1. #1 Bonus of $63,845 went to the Donald Shriber, Deputy Director of Policy & Communication at the Center for Global Health in 2011.

2. CDC Employee Counts Up By a Quarter since 2007. The gross number of CDC employees increased from 8,325 in 2007 to 10,213 in 2013- this is an all-time high.

3. $1 Billion in total payroll at CDC in 2013, that's up from $726,000,000 in 2007- that's a 38% increase in total payroll spending.

4. $21.504 Million in 2013 salaries flowed to the Top 100 Highly Compensated Executives at CDC.

5. Isn't it time to fire the Interior Decorators, Gardeners, other extraneous employees at CDC. Millions of dollars of salaries and bonuses have flowed into positions such as these since 2007.

Rep. Henry Waxman testified at yesterday's congressional hearings that the overall CDC budget was cut or impacted during sequester, but it's just not the case with the pay and perks to CDC employees.  Cash compensation and number of employees have all increased from 2007-2013 and stand at an all-time high.

The CDC must simply do their jobs:  Protect the health of citizens.

For the Good of America


Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director, American Transparency
Adam Andrzejewski
Founder, Open The Books
Chairman, American Transparency 
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