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October 4, 2018 01:00 PM
"Dollars must start following the child, not the bureaucracy."
You can't educate kids in the classroom when you're funding an expensive education bureaucracy.
Our auditors found 30,000 educators in Illinois pulling down more than $100,000 each in 2017, costing taxpayers $3.7 billion annually. Just 18,000 of these employees are currently working while the other 12,000 are retired, collecting six-figure pensions.
Some of the worst performing school districts award the largest salaries, but it hasn't helped students scores.
For example, Calumet CSD 155 Superintendent Troy Paraday made $407,145 last year managing a district with just 1,100 students and 79 teachers. Nearly 70 percent of students at Calumet are from low-income homes and just 16 percent of students are considered ready for the next level.
Paraday's five-year contract will cost taxpayers $3 million. Review our worksheet of cash compensation and benefits here.
When Paraday retires next month, he will cash in 567 days of unused vacation, sick time, and personal days for a $762,000 payout. It's a nice Halloween treat funded by taxpayers.
The bloated Illinois education bureaucracy rewards those who know how to play the pay-and-pension lottery. It's time the dollars start following the children rather than the bureaucracy.
Remember, It's Your Money! Join the Transparency Revolution.
´╗┐Jessie Fox
Communications Specialist
Adam Andrzejewski (say: Angie-eff-ski)
CEO & Founder,
Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director at Large
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