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January 5, 2015 05:40 AM
"Open the Books is doing the work I envisioned... 
putting sunlight through a magnifying glass."
U.S. Senator Tom Coburn
March, 2014
Thanks to your support, 2014 has been a spectacular year. Here are some of the highlights... 
Can a pair of union lobbyists receive $1 Million teacher pensions after substitute teaching for One Day DESPITE a state law designed to stop them? Read more at Forbes.
Are "house accounts" issued at an Illinois Jr. College whereby tens of thousands of dollars in dinners, gifts, parties, hotels, and alcohol flowed to trustees, the president and senior managers?  Read more at Huffington Post 
America's Leading Transparency Portal:
1.1 billion lines of government spending added at Open The Books- a triple in record collection. At 1.6 billion lines total, it's the largest private repository of government spending records in the world: disclosed federal spending since 2000, 48/50 state checkbooks, and data on 50,000 local units of government across America. 
Special thanks to our Director of Information Technology Craig Mijares
Website traffic quadrupled in 2014:
Unique users at quadrupled this year. In June alone, during the VA Scandal, over 378,000 citizens generated 1.3 million queries regarding VA salaries/bonuses.  Our work was cited in USA Today, The FOX News Channel, Investor's Business Daily, by John Stossel, Rush Limbaugh, Washington Examiner, and local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox across the country. 
Federal Transfer™ Oversight Reports: 
Farm Subsidies in Urban Areas- In April, The Kelly File on FOX News, Megyn Kelly, used our research and demanded a federal investigation of Rev. Louis Farrakhan's $317,000 in farm subsidies. A FOX News column Game The System- Non-profit Windfall Farm Subsidies had over 150,000 views.
Fortune 100 Contracts & Subsidies-  In March, Stephen Moore at Investor's Business Daily wrote a front page column, Welfare Reform Starts with the Fortune 100. David Stockman, Reagan's former budget director wrote, Stop Welfare at the Top. Bill Maher at HBO agreed with Moore and Stockman.
Veteran's Administration Salaries & Bonuses-  In May, Emily Boyd Walker at FOX News wrote Staff at Phoenix VA Pocketed Hefty Salaries and Bonuses based on our data and research. Open The Books became the defacto repository of VA data during the scandal. U.S. Senator Tom Coburn stated, "I'm proud of the work ordinary citizens and groups like Open the Books are doing to hold the VA accountable." 
Small Business Administration Loan Abuse-  In November, Kelly Riddle at The Washington Times and Stephen Moore at Investor's Business Daily covered our ground-breaking research. The SBA funded billions in loans to the Wealthy Lifestyle including $160 million to private, members-only country clubs, Rolex, Lamborghini, and $9.2 billion to private equity firms.
Our Investigation-  An IL Jr College Gone Wild
College of DuPage: With the help of Trustee Kathy Hamilton, we were able to freeze property taxes, expose $100 million in hidden spending, stop a corrupted $20 million state grant, and freeze student tuition during the first seven months of investigation. Our work was profiled in Forbes, Huffington Post, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Herald.
World Taxpayer's Conference, Transparency & Accountability Vancouver, Canada
John Stossel Special- Government Overlords, FOX Business
National Correspondent Kristine Frazio, Sinclair Broadcast Media
The Independents, Where's the Pork Special?, FOX Business
The New York Meeting, Holding the VA Accountable, 
Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York, NY
The Charleston Meeting, Open The Books, Charleston, SC
With the national debt nearly $17 trillion, you cannot cut wasteful spending-- if you cannot simply see it. 
Happy New Year!
American Transparency | Chairman
Matthew Tyrmand
Deputy Director 
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