The Epoch Times: Shutting Down the DEI Racket 47_Epoch_Times_Shutting_down_UVA

March 20, 2024 10:34 AM



By Newt Gingrich | Full article published at The Epoch Times

The revelation this month that the University of Virginia has been spending $20 million a year on 235 employees who focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion was astonishing.

Thanks to a new report by the government watchdog group OpenTheBooks, we now know that some DEI executives at the university are raking in more than $500,000 a year, including benefits.

For example, the senior associate dean of the business school is also the global chief diversity officer. He is paid $587,340 including benefits. The vice president of DEI and community partnerships takes home an estimated $520,000 in salary and benefits. There is a whole slate of DEI executives—vice presidents, associate deans, directors, assistant directors, managers, etc.—who earn up to $400,000 in salary and benefits.

OpenTheBooks Founder and CEO Adam Andrzejewski told me this week on Newt’s World that it takes tuition from 1,000 UVA students just to cover the base salaries of UVA’s army of DEI-focused employees.

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