The Federalist: DoD Deceives Military Parents, Doubles Down On DEI Initiatives In K-12 Schools 21_Federalist_-_DEI

February 14, 2024 09:44 AM



By Amy Haywood | Published at

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA), which administers the education of nearly 70,000 children of the nation’s military personnel, can’t seem to shake the agency’s culture of secrecy and deception, according to a breaking report published by Open the Books last week. The report details how the agency deceived Congress by claiming to disband its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) department, while actually doubling down on embedding DEI initiatives into every aspect of the organization. 

When auditors from Open the Books sought answers via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, DODEA denied or heavily redacted requests for basic information. Auditors learned that DODEA Director Tom Brady was part of a newly-formed DEI Steering Committee, and when they inquired about the names of those who sit on the Steering Committee, they were told the names were unavailable.

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