The National Desk: California Gender-Focused Program is ‘Moving Gender Away from Reality’ 69_TND_cali_-_gender_spectrum

September 1, 2023 12:39 PM


Original article published at The National Desk.

A program in California is raising red flags dealing with gender school training and state taxpayer dollars.

Open The Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski joined The National Desk’s Angela Brown to break it down.

“Well, it's millions of taxpayer dollars in California to put the California Public schools, the students, on a gender journey,” he said. “They introduced the radical notion that gender is unlimited so they're moving away from what they call the binary choice of men and women.”

The California Department of Public Health partnered with Gender Spectrum, an organization that offers programs including gender-inclusive school training, on a grant.

Andrzejewski argues that the organization is “moving gender away from its biological basis and moving gender away from reality.”

“In the California Public Schools, now they're teaching that you can invent your own gender, and if parents don't affirm the choices of their children, the parents can get cut out of this aspect of their child's social and psychological development,” Andrzejewski said. “So here's an example of how it works, if a child in the California Public Schools identifies as a fox or believes that they have the characteristics of a fox, you know, a typical English sentence would read, “she said she wanted to do it herself” but the new sentence would read, “fox said Fox wanted to do it fox self.”


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