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May 8, 2024 03:28 PM



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MIT hasn’t expelled DEI entirely, but getting rid of the pledges is a good start. The DEI movement has spawned sprawling bureaucracies across academia at a staggering cost to tuition-paying students and taxpayers. Administrators who play the game collect big salaries, while savvy teaching faculty know they can append “DEI” to their job title for a boost.


Open the Books used a recent Freedom of Information Act request to document how the University of Virginia pays 235 employees a total of $20 million a year under the DEI banner. The school’s “global chief diversity officer” took home an estimated $587,000 last year, while the “VP for DEI and community partnerships” pocketed $520,000 in salary and benefits.


Until recently, it has been impossible to question these absurd budgets, since doing so invokes the wrath of the special-interest groups standing by to brand such action as racist. The Sunshine State ignored the hateful tweets and saved $5 million a year by banning DEI at the University of Florida. As Gov. Ron DeSantis explained last week, DEI serves no educational purpose.


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