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Washington Examiner: Report - Federal worker 'minimum wage' is $100,000, 8.5 weeks off

December 29, 2017 10:54 AM


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Report: Federal Worker Minimum Wage is $100,000, 8.5 Weeks Off

By Paul Bedard • 8/3/16 12:01 AM 

The federal government has become one of the most generous employers ever, offering outsized paychecks — one higher than President Trump’s — six figure bonuses and over two months off after just three years on the job, according to a new report that takes a deep dive into the 2 million person workforce.
The government watchdog group Open the Books revealed in its report Mapping the Swamp, A Study of the Administrative State, that taxpayers are forking over $1 million a minute in pay and benefits to the federal workforce, for a total of over $136 billion a year.
And those "inside the Beltway," home of the nation’s capital, collect the most, $20.6 billion.
In the past 10 years, Open the Books found an explosion in big paychecks. Those making $200,000 a year have jumped 165 percent and 406,960 earn $100,000 or more.
As a result, the group dubbed the $100,000 paycheck the federal "minimum wage."
What’s more they found that the average worker gets 10 holidays off, 13 sick days and 20 vacation days, and those who have worked three years or more can take over eight weeks off.
The review breaks down salaries and employee levels in all agencies and by states.
If found, for example, that the top wage earner is a heart surgeon at the Department of Veterans Affairs who makes $403,849, $3,849 more than the president.
The top bonus was $141,525 paid to a human resources manager at the tiny Presidio Trust in San Francisco.
Federal workers are slated to receive a raise under an order signed by Trump.
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Beaver, WV
1/3/2018 01:34 PM

  I have been a federal employee for 25 years. I do not make $100,00 a year, I do not get 8.5 weeks of vacation, nor do I get a six figure bonus. Stop lumping all federal employees into one pot and misleading the American people. The folks in DC are taking in money hand over fist and protecting their interests while putting the working class in the poor house. I work side by side every day with federal employees who don't even make enough money to cover the insurance offered to federal employees. Stop making us ALL look bad when it's the central office folks getting all the perks.