"Waste Of The Week" on The National Desk: Despite 'Great Resignation,' White House Spends Historic Amounts on Staff 108_tnd_wh_payroll

July 8, 2022 10:12 AM



The Biden administration released its annual report to Congress on the White House's office personnel. Despite 220 staffers quitting last year, the administration has spent more than $100 million on payroll in the first two years, a watchdog group reported.

The founder of OpenTheBooks.com, Adam Andrzejewski, joined The National Desk to break down the figures. Based on a headcount, Andrzejewski claims that total is the most money spent on White House payroll in American history.

According to statistics Andrzejewski provided to The National Desk's Scott Thuman, the Biden administration had 560 employees during the fiscal 2021 year. During the current fiscal year, there are 474 and about a 40% turnover. 

"So, if people are quitting, why is this much money spent on payroll?" Thuman asked.

"So, can you imagine, Scott – running a business, any entity, whether it's a nonprofit, even your local church – if you had four out of 10 people quit on you last year? That's exactly what's happened at the Biden White House," Andrzejewski explained. "Over the course of the last 12 months, 220 staffers actually decided to leave the White House payroll and do something else."

Putting that in perspective, Andrzejewski said even after this "Great Resignation," Biden's White House still employs an average of 100 more staffers than former President Donald Trump's payroll did. 

Andrzejewski and Thuman dive into further details on who is the top paid staffer, why there is a disparity in the numbers and executive orders from Biden. For more of this interview, watch the video below.


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