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September 20, 2013 07:00 AM


Featuring OpenTheBooks.com 


John Stossel Show, FOX News Channel
Sunday, January 22 at 10PM ET

Red pin dot "heat" map of Farm Subsidies
within a 5-mile NY radius of FOX News HQ in Midtown Manhattan
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The John Stossel Show showcases OpenTheBooks.com during its "Innovation Nation" special. 

During our segment, the fast moving discussion covers egregious government spending.  Topics include:

  • Farm Subsidies to Midtown Manhattan, NYC
  • Million$ to Rolex & Lamborghini Dealers
  • 3,000 IL Public Employees Costing $1 Billion 

    And much more!

At OpenTheBooks.com, our mission is to post online "Every Dime" taxed and spent at the federal, state and local governments across the country.  Currently, we have 300 million lines of government spending in our data commons.

Please tune in to "Innovation Nation" on John Stossel Show, Sunday at 10PM ET, on the national FOX News Channel!

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